Prista Oil Holding EAD is a company committed to social and cultural development of the society. This shows in social projects and initiatives that are developed under its aegis. Numerous projects in the fields of culture, education, health, environmental protection, preservation of historical and cultural heritage, sport, religion and more are developed and implemented with the conceptual, material, technical and financial support of Prista. Some of them are:

   •   Building and donation of the monument of Saints Cyril and Methodius to the Bulgarian
        community in Odessa, Ukraine
   •   Restoration, completion and maintenance of the "Assumption" Monastery in Kardzhali, Bulgaria
   •   Donation in the amount of 100 000 BGN to support the building of "All Saints" Church in Ruse, Bulgaria
   •   Publishing of "Gentle spiral" by Yordan Raditchkov as a way to support "Noble Northwest” project for spiritual and cultural
        values launched in 2002, Implementation of National Literary Essay contest with a theme “Green Tree of Hope"
        by Radichkov, organized by Mr. Atanas Bobokov -"MONBAT" as part of the "Noble Northwest” project
   •   Initiating, developing, equipping and opening of "Euromedison" Centre for ultrasound diagnostics in Ruse, Bulgaria
   •   Sponsoring traditional Christmas charity bazaar at the International Women's Club - Sofia
   •   Land purchasing for a future donation for the construction of a Bulgarian school in Voevodina, Serbia
   •   ‘Bulgariyada’  2008 sponsorship - Voevodina , Serbia
   •   ‘Bulgare’ ensemble sponsorship for their national "Bulgaria through centuries” Tour and providing 120 free tickets for
        children and adults with disabilities
   •   Donations to Ruse’s “Opera and Philharmonic Company”
   •   Publishing sponsorship of a book about choral conductor Prof. Vasil Arnaoudov for his 75th anniversary