With the increase of the scale of operations in a highly comprehensive and competitive business environment, transport and logistic solutions used by Prista alongside the supply chain, became a key factor influencing on the financial results of the overall business of the holding. 

Therefore it was inevitable that Prista Oil Holding EAD took a steady course towards developing of own unique transport and logistic infrastructure. During the period 2000 – 2019, Prista Oil Holding EAD was actively participating in numerous logistic projects in Europe, Africa and Asia. The main aim was to implement innovative handling and transport solutions, providing competitive advantages in cost and scale of operation.

Bearing in mind the complicated supply chain of the production and distribution, Prista was involved in port operations, shipping, railway and road transportation.

Amongst the most prominent projects we can mention:

Port Infrastructure:

   •   Port of Varna (Bulgaria) – Creation of а modern Oil and General Cargo terminals.
   •   Port of Korfez (Turkey) – Creation of а modern Oil terminal.
   •   Port of Odessa – Creation of а modern Oil terminal.
   •   Port of Rousse - Creation of а multimodal river hub
   •   STS Floating Terminal (offshore Ukraine) – Development of a modern off-shore STS solution serving our mutual project with Lukoil.

Railway Infrastructure:

1) Railway terminal Rousse
2) Railway terminal in Odessa
3) Railway terminal in Varna
4) Own specialised railway tank cisterns (RTC)

Multimodal Transport Solutions:

   •   1)Delivery of base oils from middle Asia to Europe through Caspian Sea and RRS
   •   2)Delivery of base oils using maritime transport from the Continental part of Russian federation to Europe

Advisory and consultancy

The successful projects developed by Prista impressed the professionals and soon the services of our engineering and design team were demanded by various investment interests from all over the world. Our staff participated in:

   •   Creation of the project for the construction of a multimodal port with capacity of 40 mln tonnes per year in Supsa (Georgia)
   •   Creation of the project for the development of the port of Kuryk (Kazakhstan)
   •   Creation of a STS storage and transshipment base in Mexican Gulf (Mexico)
   •   Creation of an oil terminal in Mustaganem (Algiers)