Prista® STOU

Description and Application

The Super Tractor Oils Universal Prista® STOU are unique products formulated with selected high quality solvent refined, hydrotreated and synthetic base stocks, and a specially designed intricate performance additive package to impart to the finished lubricants all those complex properties, required by STOU oils.
Prista® STOU oils are unique thanks to their extensive and diverse lubricating properties. These oils are developed to lubricate the engine, transmission, final drive/s, wet brakes, clutches, and hydraulic system/s of farm tractors and equipment currently in service. 
Prista® STOU oils are recommended for some off-highway construction vehicles and equipment, too. 


   •   Safeguard the engine cleanliness
   •   Excellent anti-wear, anti-scuffing and anti-seizure properties
   •   Supreme thermal, oxidation and shear stability 
   •   Very good compatibility with all  types of utilized seals
   •   Excellent anti-foaming properties, to prevent any sump overflow as well pump cavitation
   •   Special frictional characteristics ensuring progressive, efficient and silent operation of brake and clutch systems
   •   Reduce the products that have to be kept in stock and eliminate the possibility of erroneous application of lubricants in different units