Prista Tps -32

Description and Application

PRISTA® Tps-32 turbine oil is formulated from a special selection of highly refined lube base stocks exhibiting very high resistance to deterioration blended with a special highly efficient ash-free additive package. 
The premium quality turbine oils PRISTA® Tps-32 is developed to lubricate steam, water and gas turbines. This turbine oil exhibits superior oxidation stability demonstrated by more than 1000 hours in RBOT Test, as well as good corrosion protection. The oil is also suitable for the lubrication of the associated with turbines equipment and assemblies and as well as the systems governing them. 
Baths and circulating systems, oil-lubricated bearings of different types, from moderately to medium loaded assemblies and hydraulic systems under low to moderate pressures are among the other typical applications.
The improved corrosion performance in synthetic sea water makes these turbine oils suitable for application in on-board compressors and turbines in different vessels as well as other auxiliary ship equipment. 
PRISTA® Tps-32 meets and exceeds the requirements of major OEM such as Alstom, Siemens, GE, etc.