Prista Marine S

Description and Application

PRISTA® MARINE S engine oils are formulated with a special selection of high quality lube base stocks and an appropriate additive package with enhanced detergency. These lubricants are suitable for operation with heavy residual fuels with high Sulphur content and some asphaltenes-gum content. PRISTA® MARIN S oils are intended for the lubrication of main and auxiliary medium speed trunk-piston engines burning distillate fuels with up to 3% sulphur. They are also suitable for the lubrication of geared transmissions, variable pitch propellers and oil-filled stern tubes. 

Formulated in two SAE J 300 viscosity grades: 30 & 40.


   •   Effective soot and deposit formation control
   •   Extended oil drain intervals thanks to the enhanced thermal and oxidation stability
   •   Engine and piston cleanliness
   •   Rapid separation of any trapped water
   •   low foaming tendency
   •   Ensures Long Engine life and reduced maintenance costs
   •   Corrosion protection