Prista Marine DS

Description and Application

PRISTA® MARINE DS engine oils are formulated with carefully balanced high quality solvent refined and hydrotreated lube base stocks and an additive package exhibiting very good detergent and dispersant properties. The formulated lubricants meet the requirements of the major manufacturers of heavy duty marine diesel engines such as Pielstick, MAN B&W, MAN Augsburg, New Sulzer Diesel, Wartsila, etc.
PRISTA® MARIN DS oils are intended for the lubrication of main and auxiliary medium speed trunk-piston engines burning distillate fuels with up to 2.0 % sulphur. They are also fit for some other ship-board applications and marine engine reduction gears without any special demand to the lubricating oil.  


   •   Prevent formation of soot and black sludge in the oil
   •   Engine cleanliness
   •   Protection against cylinder liner wear and polishing
   •   Low foaming tendency
   •   Bearing corrosion protection
   •   Lower levels of piston ring wear