Delo Syn-MTF XZ SAE 75W-80 is a high performance synthetic heavy-duty manual transmission fluid formulated for use in heavy duty truck synchronised manual transmission systems.
Always confirm that the product selected is consistent with the original equipment manufacturer's recommendation for the equipment operating conditions and customer's maintenance practice.

Consumer Benefits

   •   Long drain capability of up to 300,000km helps reduce maintenance costs and helps optimise uptime
   •   High performance, specially tuned friction characteristics contribute smooth shifting performance
   •   High viscosity index (VI) and robust shear stability offer reliable system protection during high temperature operations
   •   Low temperature fluidity aids rapid fluid circulation at system start-up helping protect critical and vulnerable components
   •   Extreme pressure (EP) protection promotes resistance to component scuffing and wear, helping reduce maintenance


   •   Delo Syn-MTF XZ SAE 75W-80 is designed for long drain in heavy duty synchronised manual truck transmissions, including automated models (such as ZF AS Tronic transmissions). Delo Syn-MTF XZ SAE 75W-80 is suitable for use in transmissions fitted with retarders or intarders
   •   Delo Syn-MTF XZ SAE 75W-80 may be used for service fill in ZF truck and bus transmissions with “TE-ML 01” or “TE-ML 02” entries on the name plate. For transmissions filled ex-works with lubricant classes 01E/02E, ZF permits Delo Syn-MTF XZ SAE 75W-80 to be used for refilling after transmission retrofitting or repair during the first two years of service.