Delo Syn ATF HD is a high performance synthetic automatic transmission fluid. It is designed to deliver significantly extended drain capabilities in heavy-duty truck and bus automatic transmissions and is also suitable for use in many passenger cars.
Always confirm that the product selected is consistent with the original equipment manufacturer's recommendation for the equipment operating conditions and customer's maintenance practice.

Consumer Benefits

   •   Designed to offer at least twice the drain capacity of conventional transmission fluids
   •   Specially tuned friction characteristics offer smooth shifts and lock-ups
   •   Friction durability helps maintain fluid and transmission performance throughout fluid lifetime
   •   Low temperature fluidity promotes optimum wear protection at cold start-up
   •   Robust oxidation stability helps prevent harmful varnish, sludge and deposit formation


   •   Delo Syn ATF HD is designed for extended drain in heavy duty automatic truck and bus transmissions, and has official approvals from Voith and ZF. (Delo Syn ATF HD is not approved by Allison, but extensive fleet testing has demonstrated its suitability in applications calling for TES-389 and TES-295 performance levels)
   •   Delo Syn ATF HD is suitable for off-road equipment fitted with automatic transmissions
   •   Delo Syn ATF HD is suitable for use in many passenger car 4- and 5-speed automatic transmissions. Due to some specific frictional and/or viscometric requirements, Delo Syn ATF HD is not recommended for passenger car automatic transmissions with 6 or more speeds, or in applications that require a Ford M2C33-F/G fluid
   •   Delo Syn ATF HD is also suitable for use in power steering systems that require an ATF. It should not be used in steering or active suspension systems that call for specific semi-synthetic or synthetic fluids, as the response speed may not be sufficiently fast. Delo Syn ATF HD may also be used as a wide temperature range anti-wear hydraulic fluid for mobile, industrial and marine applications. The viscosity corresponds to ISO VG 32