Delo Syn-THF XC is a high performance synthetic wet brake transaxle fluid designed for applications where a Volvo WB 102 fluid is required. Delo Syn-THF XC is formulated with a high performance synthetic base fluid, in combination with a specially optimised additive system.
Always confirm that the product selected is consistent with the original equipment manufacturer's recommendation for the equipment operating conditions and customer's maintenance practices.

Consumer Benefits

   •   Offers good extended drain intervals compared to conventional wet brake transaxle fluids
   •   High performance shear stable additive system promotes increased gear protection with viscosity retention throughout fluid lifetime
   •   Formulated for low-temperature fluidity, providing faster cold starts and optimised viscosity, offering improved fuel economy
   •   High Viscosity Index, promoting sufficient oil viscosity retention for effective lubrication even at high operating temperatures
   •   Good oxidation stability, helping resist the formation of harmful sludge, lacquer or deposits


   •   Delo Syn-THF XC is designed for use in the axles of off-road and construction machines that are equipped with built-in wet brakes. The amount of EP additive used in the formulation of Delo Syn-THF XC is higher than is typically used in products of this type, providing increased gear protection
   •   The oxidation stability of the synthetic base oils in the formulation means that compared to conventional fluids, Delo Syn-THF XC offers significantly longer service intervals; and its temperature resistance means that it may be used in more arduous operating conditions
   •   The low temperature characteristics of Delo Syn-THF XC offer a significant reduction in the warm-up period before the machine is ready to operate
   •   Delo Syn-THF XC has a lower kinematic viscosity than is typical for fluids used in this type of application - it has been optimised to help improve machine efficiency while still providing protection to machine components. The high Viscosity Index means that the fluid has a wide operating temperature window. It is achieved by a formulating the product with synthetic base oils with a naturally high VI, plus a highly shear stable Viscosity Index Improver. This combination promotes the maintenance of the viscosity and VI at a consistent level through the fluid’s service lifetime