Delo Syn-Gear HD SAE 75W-90 is a high performance synthetic heavy-duty gear oil suitable for use in heavy duty driven axles and differentials. It is designed with a long-drain capability of 450,000 km and formulated with a combination of synthetic base oils and high performance additives.
Always confirm that the product selected is consistent with the original equipment manufacturer's recommendation for the equipment operating conditions and customer's maintenance practices.

Consumer Benefits

   •   Extended drain capability of 450,000 km
   •   High level oxidation stability mitigates against in-service oil thickening, helping to keep gear cases and seals free from deposits
   •   High Viscosity Index and good low temperature fluidity help contribute to component protection across a wide temperature range
   •   Effective EP additive technology contributes to critical wear protection under low speed high torque and shock load operations
   •   Mild EP additive formulation assists in corrosion resistance in vulnerable copper-alloy components
   •   Up to 3% proven fuel economy improvement compared to conventional gear lubricants when used with Delo Syn-AMT XV SAE 75W-80 in transmissions


   •   Delo Syn-Gear HD SAE 75W-90 is formulated for extended drain in heavy duty final drives (driven axles and differentials) in on- and off-road vehicles. It is suitable for use in severe operating conditions, and in extremely cold or hot environments. The exceptional EP performance allows Delo Syn-Gear HD SAE 75W-90 to be used in many applications where an SAE 140 oil would normally be required
   •   Low frictional losses in the lubricant film and minimal churning losses due to lower bulk oil viscosity lead to reduced operating temperatures when compared to conventional gear lubricants.
   •   In addition to its formal OEM approvals, field trial data has been amassed demonstrating its capability for extended drain in numerous other truck applications. Field trial vehicles include those manufactured by MAN, Mercedes, Scania and Volvo
   •   In the USA, this product has been successfully field tested for long drain intervals in class 8 on-highway trucks using axles made Meritor, DAF, Daimler, Dana, MAN and Scania.

The friction characteristics of Delo Syn-Gear HD SAE 75W-90 makes it generally unsuitable for use in synchronized manual transmissions and transaxles, and it should not be used in these applications unless a GL 5 fluid is specifically recommended