Delo Syn ATF XV is a high performance synthetic automatic transmission fluid designed for applications requiring a Volvo 97342 transmission fluid. Delo Syn ATF XV and is also suitable for use in a number of transmissions used by Japanese and Korean passenger car manufacturers.
Always confirm that the product selected is consistent with the original equipment manufacturer's recommendation for the equipment operating conditions and customer's maintenance practices.

Consumer Benefits

   •   Synthetic base oil and oxidation inhibitor combination offers long fluid service life and resistance to sludge, lacquer and deposits
   •   Robust shear stability promotes consistent viscosity retention throughout fluid service lifetime
   •   Advanced formula helps protect against gear, bearing and clutch wear, increasing uptime
   •   Optimised viscosity formulation promotes improved vehicle fuel economy
   •   Friction modifier technology formulated to provide durable smooth shifting, efficient power transfer, and anti-shudder protection


   •   Delo Syn ATF XV is designed to meet the Volvo 97342 specification, which is specified for the “HT” series of automatic countershaft transmissions used in Volvo wheel loaders and motor graders, and in the fully automatic PowerTronic (“PT”) planetary transmissions used in Volvo articulated haulers and some Volvo truck models
   •   The oxidation stability of the synthetic base oils in the formulation means that compared to conventional fluids, Delo Syn ATF XV can offer significantly longer service intervals; and its temperature resistance means that it may be used in more arduous operating conditions
   •   Delo Syn ATF XV has a lower kinematic viscosity than is typical for fluids used in this type of application - it has been optimised to improve machine efficiency while still providing protection for the machine components
   •   The high Viscosity Index means that the fluid has a wide operating temperature window. This is achieved by formulating the product with synthetic base oils with a naturally high VI, plus a highly shear stable viscosity index (VI) improver. This combination helps maintain the viscosity and VI at a consistent level throughout the fluid’s service lifetime
   •   The frictional properties of Delo Syn ATF XV make it suitable for use in a number of transmissions used by Japanese and Korean passenger car constructors. Delo Syn ATF XV may also be used in power assisted steering systems that permit the use of automatic transmission fluids