Prista Super HD 10W-40

Description and Application

The semi-synthetic multigrade engine oil Prista® Super HD 10W-40 is formulated for older models diesel and gasoline engines. This oil is formulated with a special selection of high quality solvent refined, hydrotreated and synthetic base stocks and a performance additive package to ensure optimal engine protection against wear, corrosion and deposit formation. 
This lubricant is designated for the lubrication of heavy duty diesel engines naturally aspirated or turbocharged operated in commercial vehicles and buses (engaged in urban and interurban services) and in off-high way equipment and machines in mining and construction industry, farming, etc. with predominantly normal drain intervals. 
Prista® Super HD 10W-40 is especially fits for older models heavy duty engines in commercial trucks, as well as locomotive diesel engines. It can also be used for the lubrication of diesel and gasoline engines in passenger cars, light duty trucks and vans.


   •   Dependable protection against wear, corrosion and deposit formation  
   •   Oil soot control  
   •   Very good detergent-dispersant properties ensuring maximum engine cleanliness