Prista® Leader 15W-40/ 20W-50

Description and Application

Prista® Leader TD multigrade engine oils are formulated from a special selection of high quality solvent refined and hydrotreated base stocks and high performance advanced additive technology to meet and exceed the most demanding current lubrication requirements of gasoline and diesel engine manufacturers. 
Prista® Leader TD multigrade engine oils are designed for use in a wide variety of automotive vehicles both diesel and gasoline engines on passenger cars, light trucks and vans, and commercial trucks to the most heavy-loaded machines. These oils are particularly appropriate for mixed fleet service operations in mining and road construction industries, farming and timber industry.


   •   Excellent detergent/dispersant properties, ensuring the highest possible cleanness of the modern up-to-date engines designed according to the latest environmental requirements.
   •   Superior oxidation stability preventing oil thickening during high temperature and high load service operations
   •   Provide for the necessary anti-friction properties in transmissions /gear boxes/ and differentials of certain equipment and machines, where manufacturers prescribe the use of motor oils.
   •   Ensure normal operation for older generation of vehicles