Prista Rezinol HD 22

Description and Application

Prista® Rezinol HD 22 cutting oil is formulated from highly refined mineral base stocks blended with a highly efficient additive package to impart excellent lubricating and anti-wear properties and reliable corrosion protection. 
Prista® Rezinol HD 22 is neat cutting oil developed for direct use without dilution with water as lubricating and cooling media of the cutting tools in the heaviest types of chip-removal machining operations of steel such as: deep drilling, tapping and threading, milling and broaching. This product is especially fit for gear cutting as well as for automatic lathes. It contains active sulfur and is not recommended for use during machining of non-ferrous metals


   •   Precision of all relevant operations
   •   Low wear of the cutting tool
   •   Excellent cooling properties
   •   High oxidation stability