Prista Rezinol

Description and Application

Prista® Rezinol cutting oils are formulated from highly refined mineral base stocks blended with a specially selected additive package, ensuring excellent lubricity, anti-corrosion & anti-wear properties of the lubricants.
Prista® Rezinol oils are designated for lubrication and cooling of the cutting tools used during heavy duty machining operations of steels and their alloys. They are used directly without dilution with water. These oils are suitable for application in automatic lathes, for drilling and threading, etc. They are not recommended for use during machining of non-ferrous metals.
Prista® Rezinol 15 and 22 are recommended for use during light and medium duty metalworking operations, and Prista® Rezinol 32 is designated for cooling of the cutting tools during heavy duty machining operations of highly alloyed, stainless steel and heat resistant steels and alloys with automatic lathes.


   •   Precision of all relevant operations
   •   Low wear of the cutting tool
   •   Excellent cooling properties
   •   High oxidation stability