Description and Application

Prista® Honing is a mineral oil formulated from a special selection of highly refined, low viscosity hydrotreated paraffinic-naphthenic type base oils blended with wetting agents, oxidation inhibitors and special chemically active additives. 
Prista® Honing is used for honing and fine grinding (super finishing) of non-ferrous metals, ordinary steel and ball bearing steels by vitrified stones either impregnated with sulphur or not , and also for ball grinding of bakelite bonded or vitrified tools. The product has limited application in machininг of copper alloys and non-ferrous metals. 


   •   Excellent quality of the worked surface
   •   Low content of aromatic hydrocarbons
   •   Very good cooling properties
   •   Very good degree of washout
   •   High oxidation stability