Prista KM

Description and Application

PRISTA® KM mould release oils are formulated from selected highly refined paraffinic-naphthenic base oils blended with an additive package, imparting very good lubricating, adhesion and mould release properties to the oils as well as ensuring dependable corrosion protection of formworks and easy separation during removal of shutters (deshuttering). 
PRISTA® KM   oils are developed for the lubrication of formworks (shutters) in the production of concrete, reinforced concrete and aerated concrete products and components as they facilitate their removal from the formworks during deshuttering. They can be applied by brush or sprayer (PRISTA® KM-10 & 15). When the proper viscosity grade oil has been chosen the oil consumption can be reduced to less than 1 liter per 20-25 m2 area of formworks/shutters.


   •   Easy deshuttering
   •   Preserving the form of the elements
   •   Corrosion prevention
   •   Ensures  cleanliness of the formworks