Prista Rolon F

Description and Application

PRISTA® ROLON F oils are formulated with an appropriate selection of high quality solvent refined and hydrotreated lube base stocks blended with an ashless sulfur-phosphorus type additive package that delivers a high level of micropitting resistance in addition to high EP protection and thermal stability.
The oils of series PRISTA®ROLON F are recommended for application in heavy duty and high temperature circulating systems for long-term service. These oils ensure enhanced metal surface protection against micro pitting corrosion which makes them especially suitable for speed reducers ranging from the small motor-reducers of less than 1 kW power to the big powerful units used on metal rolling mills, cement mills and also in hoist mechanisms in mines.
PRISTA® ROLON F are recommended for lubrication of closed gear drives (reducers), chain (gear) drives, chain wheels and sprockets, plain and rolling bearings, slide ways and flexible connections/couplings, operated at normal to elevated temperatures. Moreover, PRISTA® ROLON F oils are also recommended for application in low to medium pressure hydraulic systems for which the dependable rust and corrosion protection is of crucial importance.


   •   Outstanding micropitting resistance
   •   Excellent thermal stability and resistance to sludging
   •   Effective water separation and foam control across a spectrum of temperatures
   •   Compatible with a wide range of elastomer materials
   •   Superior bearing protection
   •   Proven paints compatibility