Prista MHM-b

Description and Application

PRISTA® MHM-b hydraulic oils are formulated from highly refined mineral base stocks exhibiting very good demulsibility and air-release properties blended with a highly efficient additive system, free from zinc or other metals, including rust, oxidation and corrosion inhibitors and anti-wear agents PRISTA® MHM-b hydraulic oils are developed for use as working media in hydrostatic lubrication systems and moving parts in circulating systems, hydraulic vane pumps, hydraulic gear pumps and hydraulic piston units.. 
One of the advantages of ashless additives is that they improve oil filterability especially when contamination with water is expected. Therefore these oils can successfully be used as working fluid in systems with high temperature loads and where contaminations with water are expected to occur such as paper presses. 
The oils are well suited for hydraulic system operated at very high pressures exceeding 25 MPa and oil temperatures exceeding 90 C


   •   Improved operating and filtration performance in water contaminated systems
   •   High resistance to oxidation
   •   Maximum equipment protection of rust and corrosion
   •   Extremely stable in presence of water