Prista Ultra RN 5W-30

Description and Application

Prista® Ultra RN is latest generation synthetic multigrade engine oil, especially designed for the modern Renault engines. Formulated with synthetic base components blended with an especial low SAPS additive composition ensuring compatibility with exhaust gas aftertreatment devices. 
This is a catalyst compatible oil especially designed for the latest high performance engine makes and models calling for ACEA C4 oils exhibiting stable performance, ensuring improved fuel economy, low degree of wear and extending DPFs' and catalysts' life in the vehicles to meet the requirements of Euro 4, Euro 5 and Euro 6 emission standards. Prista® Ultra RN is especially designed for Renault engines demanding oils that have successfully passed LLR Engine Test according RN 0720 Specification.


   •   A special friction modifier ensures maximum wear protection
   •   Improved fuel economy
   •   Effective sludge and corrosion control
   •   Extends DPFs' and catalysts' life and maintains their efficiency
   •   Environmentally friendly