Prista SHPD LS 10W-30

Description and Application

Prista® SHPD LS 10W-30 is a new category, semi-synthetic engine oil of medium SAPS level, intended for moderately extended oil drain intervals. This oil complies with the requirements imposed by the heavy duty diesel engines bio-diesel fuel in accordance with EU regulations.
This lubricant is designated for the lubrication of the most modern heavy duty and heavy-loaded diesel engines used in international haulage and equipped with the modern aftertreatment systems (EGR or SCR) for hazardous NOx reduction and/or diesel particulate filters (DPF) combined with low-sulphur diesel fuels.
Prista® SHPD LS 10W-30 multigrade engine oil is recommended for highly rated diesel engines complying with Euro IV, Euro V & Euro VI low emission standards and operated under severe loads and conditions.


   •   Protection against cylinder bore polishing and wear
   •   High engine cleanliness with considerably extended drain intervals up to 60 000 km
   •   Problem-free operation even in case of a heavily sooted oil
   •   High temperature thickening protection
   •   Bearing corrosion protection 
   •   Foam control
   •   Easy engine start-ups even at very low sub-zero temperatures
   •   Latest additive technology
   •   Enhanced fuel economy