Prista ATF

Description and Application

Automatic transmissions fluid Prista® ATF is formulated with selected high quality solvent refined and hydrotreated base stocks and especially developed advanced additive system. Product is red dyed.
Prista® ATF is recommended for use in all automatic transmissions requiring fluids meeting GM Dexron IID specification. It can also be used in manual transmissions, transmissions with servounits and hydraulic systems of passenger cars, commercial and off-highway vehicles, farm and road construction machines and equipment, and especially in marine applications. 


   •   Superior wear protection for automatic transmissions 
   •   Outstanding thermal and oxidation stability to keep transmissions free from deposits and residues even in the course of long-term service and operation
   •   Very good low temperature properties for easy starts and good low temperature performance
   •   Reduced power losses and increased performance and efficiency of hydraulic governing systems and torque converters
   •   Very good seal compatibility