Prista Ultra TD 10W-40

Description and Application

Prista® Ultra TD 10W-40 is top quality multigrade engine, blended with high quality synthetic base components, and an especially formulated advanced additive package and an extremely shear stable Viscosity Index Improver to ensure very high performance, excellent durability and stability during service at extended drain intervals.
Prista® Ultra TD 10W-40 is designated for the lubrication of heavy-duty diesel engines Euro III, Euro IV and Euro V emission requirements and running under very severe conditions, e.g. significantly extended oil drain intervals according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. It is suitable for commercial trucks and buses without particulate filters, and for some EGR engines and some engines fitted with SCR NOx reduction systems.


   •   engine cleanliness at significantly extended oil drain intervals
   •   problem-free operation even in case of severe soot contamination of the oil 
   •   bearing corrosion protection and low foaming tendency
   •   extremely minimized hazardous exhaust emissions
   •   problem-free engine start-ups at very low sub-zero ambient temperatures