Havoline ProDS V SAE 0W-30

Premium performance synthetic engine oil specifically formulated with advanced technology additives to meet Volkswagen-Audi 504.00/507.00 and Porsche C30 engine lubrication requirements. Suitable for a large number of Volkswagen/Audi group gasoline and diesel passenger cars and light diesel vans, with or without turbochargers. Especially designed for extended drain intervals in Europe and is mandatory for VW/Audi diesels with DPFs. 
Havoline ProDS V SAE 0W-30 is recommended for vehicles requiring a VW 504.00, VW 507.00 approved engine oil, also known as VW Longlife III oils, and is backwards compatible with other active and obsolete VW/Audi engine oil specifications.
For applications where VW Standard 508.00/509.00 is recommended, Havoline ProDS VB SAE 0W-20 should be used. Havoline ProDS V SAE 0W-30 (VW Standard 504.00/507.00) can be used when allowed by VW as indicated in their car manuals/handbooks.