Havoline Energy EF SAE 5W-30

Ultra high performance synthetic engine lubricant:

-        Optimum uptime - offers advanced engine and emission system protection throughout extended drain periods.

-        Minimises exhaust emissions - low SAPS formulation helps protect catalyst and diesel particulate filter emission control systems.

-        Increased engine protection - rapid lubricant circulation during cold engine starts contributes to optimum wear resistance.

-        Keep-clean performance - advanced additive technology helps minimise deposit and sludge build-up, extending engine life.

-        Maintains fuel economy - advanced performance engine cleanliness aids fuel economy and engine performance.

-        Reduced oil consumption - synthetic base oils promote reduced engine oil volatility, helping reduce oil consumption.

-        Havoline ProDS™ Full Synthetic Motor Oil Euro SAE 5W-40 meet or exceed:

-        API Service Categories

  • SN and all previous API "S" Categories
  • Resource Conserving for API SN

-         ACEA C3-12

-         Manufacturer's specifications

  • BMW Longlife-04*
  • Daimler MB 229.51*
  • GM dexos2® (licensed)
  • Porsche A40
  • Volkswagen 502 00, 505 01
    * Please refer to the Product Data Sheet for a complete description of features, benefits, and specifications. Use of this oil in BMW and Mercedes Benz gasoline engines is restricted to the European Union where gasoline quality is considered by BMW and Daimler to be suitable for extended oil service. Refer to vehicle owners manuals.