Prista Lithium LiX EP2

Description and Application

Prista® Lithium LiX EP 2 is manufactured with refined high viscosity petroleum lube base oil, complex lithium soap as thickener and a special additive package.
It is designated for lubrication (centralized and non-centralized) of plain and rolling bearings, gear units and other mechanisms operated under high loads (in the presence of water and salts) and under continuous shock loads. 
Prista® Lithium LiX EP 2 suitable for big roller bearings in mining, construction, farm and marine equipment, operating in adverse environments.
The application temperature range of Prista® Lithium LiX EP 2 is from -30°С to +140°С with short periods up to +180°C.


   •   Very good adhesion properties
   •   Improved EP properties 
   •   High roll stability and retain its consistency in heavy duty operations 
   •   Not corrosive to non-ferrous metals and steel
   •   Very good water resistance 
   •   Adequate protection against rust formation
   •   Wide temperature range of application