Prista Lithium EP

Description and Application

The multipurpose antifriction greases Prista® Lithium EP are manufactured by thickening an appropriate mineral base oil with a lithium 12-hydroxystearate soap and the addition of proper additives.
Prista® Lithium EP greases are intended to lubricate and seal plain and rolling bearings, hinge joints and other mechanisms operated under high pressures, shock loads and vibrations. They are recommended for universal lubrication of industrial machines and equipment operated under heavy loads and adverse environment including long-term shock loads, high speeds, high humidity and very wide temperature range. The greases are used for the lubrication of plain brass and babbit radial bearings in rolling mills, screws and nuts of rollers, scissors, presses and the cutting lines of steel rolling machines and other metalworking applications. They are also suitable for the big roller bearings in mine, construction and marine machines and equipment operated under adverse conditions.
The operating temperature range of Prista® Lithium EP greases is from -30°С to +120°С.


   •   Very good adhesion properties
   •   Improved EP properties 
   •   High roll stability and retain their consistency in heavy duty operations 
   •   Not corrosive to non-ferrous metals and steel
   •   Water washout resistance 
   •   Adequate protection against rust formation