PRISTA® Li Complex EP 2 PTFE Green

Heavy duty EP grease with PTFE dry lubricant and state of the art additives providing the best protection against wear. Offers premium greasing in industrial and automotive applications, including heavy duty on-road and off-road vehicles, mining and construction equipment, severe forestry applications. Sutable for bearings, universal joints, axles, ball joints, pins, bushings, fifth wheel, water pumps, gears in heavy loads, shock loads or vibrating applications.   

  • Super resistant to shock loads and vibrations
  • Very high EP load carry capacity
  • Long life grease, mechanical parst protection propertiesto Very wide range (from high to low) operating temperatures
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Offers premium maintenance

Packaging: 180 kg drum, 15 kg metal pail, 0.400 kg cartrige