Prista® Li Complex EP 2 HDVT*

Description and Application

Prista® Li Complex EP 2 HDVT is a heavy duty lubricating grease, based on lithium complex thickener and severely hydro-treated base oils of ISO VG320. Lithium complex thickener makes the product suitable for applications within a wide range of temperatures, especially at elevated temperatures. The product is formulated with the latest high-tech additive technology delivering the right balance of performance characteristics, thus prolonging re-greasing intervals. Improved oxidation stability, rust and corrosion prevention, superior AW/EP performance, as well as excellent water resistance properties – all these extend bearings life and provide for reduced downtime.

Prista® Li Complex EP 2 HDVT is suitable for use in a wide range of heavily loaded industrial applications, such as extremely loaded heavy duty on-road and off-road vehicles and construction equipment, surface and underground mining and quarrying equipment, heavy duty bearings, exposed to severe operating conditions and used in cement, steel and paper industries machinery. Other application is in marine sector for cables, chains, joints.

Operating temperature range of Prista® Li Complex EP 2 HDVT is from -30°С to +160°С, with possible short time peak operating temperature up to 180°С, if proper re-greasing intervals are applied.


   •   dyed blue for easy identification
   •   highly adhesive – stays in place, reduces leakage thus providing protection and extend re-greasing intervals
   •   very good mechanical stability – resistant to softening which can cause loss of lubrication performance and leakage
   •   excellent at high and low temperatures 
   •   high load carrying capacity 
   •   efficient lubrication in presence of water
   •   rust and corrosion protection of metal parts extends equipment life

* Heavy duty very tacky

ISO 6743-9 - L-XCDIB 2
DIN 51502, DIN 51825 - KP2N-30

Package: drum 180 kg, keg 50 kg, pail 15 kg, pail 4 kg