Prista® Li Complex EP 2

Description and Application

Prista® Li Complex EP 2 grease is manufactured with highly refined high viscosity base oil, complex lithium soap thickener and a special package of additives.

It is formulated for lubrication of plain, rolling and tapper roller bearings and other mechanisms operating under high loads (even in the presence of contaminants such as water and salts) and under continuous high loads.It is suitable for big taper roller bearings in mining, construction, farm and marine equipment, operating in adverse environment. Prista® Li Complex EP 2 is used in applications with operating temperatures from -20°С to +150°С. It can also work for short time peaks up to +180°C, if re-greasing intervals are properly calculated.


   •   exceptional water resistance
   •   inherent extreme pressure and anti-wear performances 
   •   extend bearing life under shock-load conditions
   •   excellent mechanical stability and high shear resistance
   •   rust and corrosion protection – protects metal parts from corrosion and rust
   •   excellent thermal stability – does not liquefy until > 305°C
   •   improved oxidation stability 
   •   good low temperature performance

ISO 6743-9 - L-XBDIB 2
DIN 51502, DIN 51825 - KP2N-20

Package: drum 180 kg, pail 15 kg, pail 4 kg