Prista MVK 1

Description and Application

The compressor oils PRISTA® MVK-1 are designated to lubricate rotary and piston type compressors with low and medium output capacities, and output air pressures lower than 1000 kP and output air temperatures up to 140 C
PRISTA®MVK-1 compressor oils are formulated from a carefully balanced selection of high quality solvent refined and hydrotreated base stocks of paraffinic-naphthenic type.

PRISTA® MVK-1/100 may be used in oil sealed mechanical vacuum pumps at low vacuum up to 1.3.10-1Pa and non-aggressive gases, where lubricants meeting OCT 3801402-86 & TGL 15291-R910 are required


   •   Very good oxidation stability
   •   Dependable corrosion protection