Prista Circulating Oil

Description and Application

The circulating oils PRISTA® are mineral oils of high grade with high resistance to oxidation and formation of sludge when subjected to rolling mill service. They are produced from advanced additive package and highly refined mineral base oils with very good inherent oxidation stability and corrosion protection and excellent water separability and air-release properties to readily release entrained water and air during service. 
The circulating oils PRISTA® are primarily designated for oil-bath lubrication of plain and rolling bearings of high speed rod, bar, combination mills and handling equipment as well as rolling mill equipment systems for steel and non-ferrous industries. They can successfully be used for the lubrication of lightly loaded worm gear drives as well as in the circulating lubrication systems of paper machines


   •   Ensures excellent lubricating properties
   •   Excellent water separability and air release properties
   •   Corrosion protection
   •   High oxidation stability