Prista® 4T

Description and Application

The multigrade engine oils Prista® 4T are formulated from a special selection of high quality solvent refined and hydrotreated base stocks and high performance advanced additive package produced by the most modern technology. The formulation ensures excellent piston and ring deposit control at high temperature and high speed operating conditions and the anti-wear agents present in the additive system minimize engine wear at different engine speeds and loads.
The multigrade engine oils Prista® 4T are designed for use in modern four-stroke gasoline engines of motorcycles, both air and water cooled, demanding API SL and JASO MA performance level lubricants.
Prista® 4T 10W-40 is semi-synthetic engine oil.


   •   High oxidation stability
   •   Finely balanced detergent/dispersant properties, ensuring clean and flawless engine operation at elevated operating temperatures. 
   •   Dependable corrosion protection
   •   Lower fuel consumption and reduced hazardous particulate matter in the exhaust gasses