Texaco Fuels and Lubricants launch three new engine oils


Three new engine oils have been launched to sit within the successful Texaco Havoline ProDS range, each with manufacturer approvals. The new Texaco Havoline ProDS RN SAE 0W-20 and RN SAE 5W-30 have both been approved by Renault with Texaco Havoline ProDS V SAE 0W-30 receiving Volkswagen approval.

Texaco Fuels and Lubricants – a Chevron company brand – offers a comprehensive range of lubricants that help deliver vehicle and equipment performance, protection and reliability under the Texaco®, Havoline®, Delo®, HDAX® and Techron® brands.
The new Texaco Havoline ProDS RN SAE 0W-20 and Texaco Havoline RN SAE 5W-30 are both sold with Renault approval, and have been purpose-developed with advanced additive technology to meet Renault’s low emission and fuel efficiency requirements.
Texaco Havoline ProDS RN SAE 0W-20 benefits from mid SAPS technology designed to offer drivers ultimate protection to vehicle catalysts, petrol and diesel particulate filters, helping to reduce overall emissions. Utilising a high-performance viscosity and additive system to reduce overall fuel consumption, Texaco Havoline ProDS RN SAE 0W-20 is also formulated for use in all weathers, its low-temperature fluidity aiding rapid lubricant circulation and wear protection during cold starts. Texaco Havoline ProDS RN SAE 5W-30 similarly promotes long-term wear and corrosion protection for your engine, while also helping keep components free of any harmful deposits.

Also new to the market is Texaco Havoline ProDS V SAE 0W-30, approved by Volkswagen, and suitable for use in a wide range of VW and Audi cars and light-duty vans.
All of Texaco’s Havoline ProDS oils benefit from Texaco Fuels and Lubricants’ Deposit Shield technology, engineered to adhere to the engine’s moving parts to provide additional wear protection, even with a layer of lubricant of only 2 microns. Texaco Havoline ProDS is also designed to prevent the formation of harmful carbon deposits and reduce corrosion from exhaust gases, both of which can significantly reduce engine efficiency over time.

New Texaco Havoline DCT transmission fluid
Texaco Fuels and Lubricants is also delighted to present its all-new Havoline transmission fluid, expertly developed for vehicles fitted with dual-clutch transmissions of the wet clutch type.
Formulated for robust EP performance and to shield components against pitting and scuffing, the Texaco Havoline DCT Fluid combines synthetic base oils with a high-performance additive system designed to offer customers long-lasting protection throughout the lifetime of the fluid. Texaco Havoline DCT Fluid offers drivers the peace of mind that gear, bearing and clutch wear is mitigated, and is also tuned to help optimise torque capacity while helping to eliminate gearbox shudder.
The new Texaco Havoline DCT fluid is suitable for all wet clutch DCT transmissions and launches to European markets with manufacturer approvals from both BMW and Volkswagen.
For more information visit TexacoLubricants.com.