Prista Oil Holding was part of the Lubricants Sustainability Forum


In late November 2023, Prista Oil Holding participated in the Lubricant Sustainability Forum: a ground-breaking event held in Berlin, Germany dedicated to advancing sustainability practices in the lubricant industry.

The Green Deal and achieving "carbon neutrality" by 2050 was one of the main topics of the event. One of the specific goals of the Green Deal is to eliminate the so-called linear model of the economy, with the subsequent implementation of circular economy and waste management.

To remain competitive, companies are compelled to work in several key areas, such as recycling alternatives (use of re-refined base oils), taking into account the carbon footprint and continuously striving to reduce it, improving the benefits of the products in use (extended usage life, fuel savings, etc.), use of safe chemicals (amendments to REACH & CLP directives in this respect), and EU green public procurement.

The implementation of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive and the introduction of environmental, social and corporate practices is the first step that Prista Oil Holding is taking in this direction. The process started in early 2024 with the preparation of a sustainability assessment - an analysis of social, innovation, governance, environmental and economic aspects.  The Company's goal is to have the reports audited and verified by the end of the year and to develop a plan for continuous improvement and new targets.  By doing so, Prista Oil is keeping up with industry trends and preparing for the challenges ahead.