Plamen Bobokov awarded „Golden badge – Ruse“ and the title “Revered citizen of Ruse”


On the eve of 6th of May, the festival of the city of Ruse, the large industrialist and universally recognized patron of the arts Plamen Bobokov, owner of Prista Oil, received a double recognition from his fellow citizens. The title “Revered citizen of Ruse” was awarded to him by the chairman of the Municipal Council of the city on the Danube - CM Prof. Dr. sc. tech. eng. Hristo Beloev at a solemn concert organized at Dohodno zdanie. Earlier that day, at an official ceremony held in the building of Ruse Municipality, he also received the honor “Golden badge – Ruse” from the Mayer of the city Plamen Stoilov.

These high distinctions are bestowed on Plamen Bobokov for his undisputed contribution to the economical, infrastructural and cultural development of Ruse, as well as his generous charity work.

Along with the serious and sustainable international business, owned and managed jointly with his brother - Atanas Bobokov, Plamen Bobokov, alone or in collaboration with his brother, is the person behind a number of noble undertakings, among which the construction and financing of the Christian center in the Kardjali monastery "Dormition of the Holy Virgin", the monument of the holy brothers Sts. Cyril and Methodius donated to the Bulgarian community in Odessa, the project of foundation Bobokovi brothers supporting the spiritual and cultural values - "The magnificient Northwest”, the reconstruction of the church “All the Saints” in Ruse, the international festival for contemporary art “Process – Space” which this year marks its 25th anniversary, and many others. The Bobokovi brothers also made the dream of generations of citizens of Ruse come true – the building of “Bulstrad Arena” - the first private multifunctional hall in South East Europe as part of a major project to revive the city of Ruse and transform it into a well-deserved center of attraction for cultural, sporting, public, congress and business events in the Danube region.