How to prepare our car for winter?


With winter approaching, colder weather means our vehicles engines have to work harder. This can lead to difficulties for unprepared drivers, so to counteract the cold, here’s some useful information from our team of experts.

Unfortunately, cold weather can impact fuel economy, forcing many drivers to spend more money on fuel throughout the winter. In addition, colder temperatures cause engine oil to thicken, which reduces its effectiveness. In this state, the components within the engine can suffer from a lack of lubrication, and are subsequently in greater danger of wear and tear.

To help save costs this winter, try Texaco Havoline ProDS MG SAE 0W-20. This premium performance engine oil’s viscosity grade (SAE 0W-20) works in tandem with its premium additive system to help improve fuel economy, even at lower temperatures. Its advanced technology additive system ensures that it is able to meet the latest OEM low emission and fuel-efficient engine requirements. Its design keeps high temperature engine components clean, which protects against turbocharger deposits.

Another issue is the temperature of your vehicle’s engine on start up. The cold can impact the engine’s capacity to start efficiently, as well as the speed at which it reaches its optimum temperature. A product designed to cope with cold starting temperatures can remedy this situation, enabling the engine to get up to temperature, but also warm up the oil within it. When warm, the oil can lubricate the components within the engine and ensure that they function properly.

Texaco Havoline ProDS F SAE 0W-30’s low temperature fluidity helps the lubricant circulate rapidly during cold engine starts, contributing to increased engine protection. The premium performance synthetic engine oil is not only capable of helping protect your engine from the threats posed by the cold, but it can help to extend engine life and maintain fuel economy.

To aid consumers, the engine oil helps to reduce maintenance costs through extended drain periods, and engine system protection. Its low SAPS technology helps protect catalysts and diesel particulate filter systems.

No driver wants to have to deal with unnecessary additional costs. The Texaco Havoline ProDS range is well-equipped to alleviate some of the most common issues that drivers face with their engines during the cold winter months, including fuel economy and cold starts.

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Via Texacolubricants.com