Exchange of experience and ideas took place in Ruse, Bulgaria on September 7th at the FIRST CONFERENCE OF PRISTA® DISTRIBUTORS FROM RUSSIA


On 07.09.2017 in Ruse, Bulgaria, Prista Oil team hosted a conference for distributors of Inventum - an official representative of Prista Oil Holding in Russia. About fifteen partners from different regions of the Russian Federation took part in it.

For Russian distributors this was the first meeting at this level held in Bulgaria. The main purpose of the event was to present Prista Oil’s production, its strategy for penetrating the Russian market, results of the company's activities in 2017 and to discuss the latest commercial proposals. During the conference participants exchanged successful business cases in Prista® lubricants and special fluids sales, revealing the specifics of their regions.

The importance of this workshop was also acknowledged  by Inventum’s Executive Director – Mr. Pavel Lisovsky: "The priority objective of our company is to offer high quality products produced by the latest technology in Bulgaria, in the factories in Ruse and Sofia. Our company’s set-up is the first step towards success - Inventum has an experienced sales team and provides technical, marketing and informative support to its customers. We will continue to organize such events to inform our partners in a timely manner about the benefits of the products produced by Prista Oil Holding.

In turn, the shareholder and member of the Board of Directors of Prista Oil Holding, Mr. Milen Boychev, thanked all the participants and noted the biggest prospects for the development of Prista® products sales on the Russian market: "Thanks to all our partners for choosing to work with us! We see great potential for doing successful business in Russia and we will continue, step by step, to strive for the goals set!"