A PhD candidate from the National Academy of Arts won the contest of Prista Oil for design of new premium 1L bottle and label


The Phd candidate in Industrial Design Zahari Ganchev won decisively the design contest of Prista Oil for new premium 1L bottle and label. Second prize was awarded to the tandem of second-year students Denitza Ivanova and Diana Kuncheva. The conceptual design of the PhD candidate Maria Vassileva was ranked in third place.

The competition was announced 2 months ago in front of students and lecturers from the NAA. A preliminary discussion meeting, where the assignment was formulated and explained, was held by a company representative.

The award ceremony was held in the central office of Prista Oil in Sofia by the Executive Director Dipl. Eng. Mr. Tsvetomir Anastasov. He expressed his gratitude to the Academy Management, in the person of the associate professor Stanko Voikov, head of the Industrial Design Department.

The Executive Director of Prista Oil Holding thanked the winners for their commitment to the topic and excellent performance. “We always wanted and looked for opportunities to assign and receive solutions from Bulgarian subcontractors. The contest was initiated in response to the practice adopted by the companies in the lubricant industry to change product packages every 10 years”, added Mr. Anastasov.

“I expected that my project would be recognized in spite of the fact that it was significantly different from what we have on the market so far”, shared the winner Zahari Ganchev. For the last 5 years  the PhD candidate from the department „Industrial Design“ participated in a dozen of events, winning first prize in two of them  - for the design of Zagorka bottle and in the design contest „Unique design for a unique emotion” - Nescafe Dolce Gusto.

For more information about Zahari Ganchev, please visit: http://nha.bg/bg/stranica/zahari-cvetanov-ganchev-doktorant