Prista Emulsin Extra

Description and Application

Prista® Emulsin Extra is water-miscible metal working fluid, which is formulated with base oils of low aromatic contents and neutralised products of boric acid, anionic and non-ionic emulsifiers as well as yellow metals rust & corrosion inhibitors. This product contains amines but is free from lactic acid.
Prista® Emulsin Extra is universal, water-miscible cutting fluid for all chip-removal metalworking operations and is especially recommended for preparation of working solutions with water of hardness 7-30°dH.


   •   Produces stable tight emulsions with excellent wetting properties in waters of different hardness up to 60°dH (1080 ppm)
   •   Ensures superior cutting tool cooling and detergency
   •   Suitable for machining of cast iron, steel and aluminium alloys 
   •   Designed for use at wide concentration ranges from 4% to 15%
   •   Ensures long life of the emulsion by protecting the emulsion system from bacteria and fungi.