Prista Screenwash Summer

Description and Application

Prista® summer windscreen wash fluidsare formulated from denaturated ethyl alcohol, water and a carefully balanced selection of surfactants, 'lubricity' components, dye and fragrance. 
The summer windscreen wash fluids Prista® are intended to fill in the windscreen wiper reservoirs of the automotive vehicles. They are used for washing and cleaning of car windscreens. Thanks to their active cleaning components, they readily remove all types of traffic contaminants such as dust, bugs, flies, etc. to give instant clear vision.
Summer Screen Wash Prista® is available in two varieties - Summer Screen Wash Prista® concentrate - which should be diluted with distilled or soft water in ratio 1:3; and Summer Screen Wash Prista® ready for use - which is ready-to-use and needs no dilution.


   •   Exhibit enhanced detergent properties to readily remove organic contaminations by insects
   •   Based predominately on bio-alcohol
   •   Free from Methanol, EDTA, phosphates, amines or nitrites, MEK, Ethyl Acetate, acetone.
   •   Contain aversive bittering agent to prevent accidental ingestion.
   •   Medium foaming to facilitate efficient filling operation
   •   Compatible with polymeric materials