Prista MZ-E

Description and Application

PRISTA® MZ 22 E quenching oil is designated for use as cooling media during cold quenching of metals. The well balanced additive package ensures high cooling rates in the pearlite and low cooling rates in the martensite intervals respectively. Treated parts exhibit superior quenching depth and level of hardness of the material as well as very high cleanliness. The working temperature of the oils should not exceed 100°C.

PRISTA® MZ 22 E is formulated from narrow cut highly refined paraffinic and naphthenic type base stocks of low coking tendency blended with an appropriate high performance additive package to ensure high thermal & oxidation stability, good cooling properties to the oil and cleanliness of the quenched parts. 


   •   Special components which improve cleanliness of quenching parts
   •   Low volatility 
   •   Low odor 
   •   Suitable for quenching of small size parts