Prista Turbo Diesel

Description and Application

Mineral multigrade engine oils Prista® Turbo Diesel are manufactured with a special selection of high-quality solvent refined and hydrotreated base stocks and especially developed advanced additive technology to ensure wear protection of older gasoline and diesel engines.
Mineral multigrade engine oils Prista® Turbo Diesel are designated for use in passenger cars and light-duty gasoline and diesel vehicles, as well as heavy-duty vehicles in road construction, industrial plants, farming, logging and wood processing. The lubricants are suitable for use in mixed car fleets.


   •   Excellent detergent-dispersive properties that ensure maximum cleanliness of modern engines. 
   •   Excellent anti-oxidizing properties that prevent oil thickening during service at high temperatures and under severe loads. 
   •   Provide the needed anti-friction properties for gearboxes (gears) and differential gears of machines and equipment for which engine oils are prescribed.
   •   Ensure the normal functioning of older generation vehicles.