Prista Ultra 5W-30/ 5W-40

Description and Application

Prista® Ultra multigrade engine oils are fully synthetic products blended according to the latest advanced lubricant technology and designated for lubrication of today's engines in passenger cars, light trucks and vans. 
Prista® Ultra multigrade engine oils are recommended for high performance gasoline and heavy-duty diesel engines of passenger cars operated in a wide temperature range and variable conditions. They are especially fit for use in gasoline and diesel (including Common Rail) engines, naturally aspirated or turbocharged, direct injection, multiple valve system, etc., whose manufacturers recommend ACEA A3/B4 and API SN, SM, SL or CF performance level lubricants.


   •   Provides advanced protection against wear and corrosion
   •   Keep engine clean
   •   Ensure reliable protection in a wide temperature range
   •   Provides low temperature protection even with biodiesel fuels
   •   Designed to help reduce harmful emissions in the exhaust gases