Prista Super 10W-40

Description and Application

Prista® Super 10W-40 is semi-synthetic multigrade engine oil, especially developed to meet the current lubrication demands of the modern gasoline and diesel engines. It is formulated with a special selection of high quality solvent refined, hydrotreated and synthetic base stocks and high performance advanced additive technology, supplied by the major world leading companies.
Prista® Super 10W-40 multigrade engine oil is designed for application in the modern high performance gasoline and diesel engines in passenger cars and light-duty vehicles (vans). It is also suitable for passenger cars with gas equipment.


   •   Excellent detergent/dispersant properties preventing black sludge deposit formation in engine crankcase
   •   Very high oxidation stability to reduce oil thickening, respectively oil consumption
   •   Steadfast oil drain intervals
   •   Confident corrosion protection
   •   Constant and stable lubricating film over a wide temperature range and under heavy loads