Prista Leader 10W-40

Description and Application

Prista® Leader 10W-40 is a part synthetic multigrade engine oil of unique contents and formulation. Product is formulated with special base components plus an advanced additive technology and the finished lubricant meets and exceeds the latest OEM requirements for diesel and gasoline engine oils.
Prista® Leader 10W-40 is designed for modern diesel and gasoline engines of passenger cars and light-duty vehicles with high pressure direct fuel injection equipped with turbo-compressors. This product has been especially developed to meet the requirements of major OEM demanding oil that ensures life-time wear protection.


   •   Excellent detergent/dispersant properties, ensuring the highest possible cleanness of the modern up-to-date engines designed
   •   Superior oxidation stability preventing oil thickening during high temperature and high load service operation
   •   A guaranteed protection against cylinder bore polishing and bearing corrosion
   •   Ensures normal operation and service of modern engines equipped with catalytic/aftertreatment systems to enable thorough burning of exhaust gasses (excluding those with DPF)