Prista Ultragear Synthetic 75W-80/ 75W-90

Description and Application

Prista® Ultragear Synthetic automotive gear oils are formulated with a special selection of high quality hydrotreated base stocks and high quality synthetic base stocks and an ashless, sulfur phosphorus type additive package.
These high quality automotive gear oils are developed to lubricate all types of hypoid, spiral bevel, two-speed and final axle gear drives including worm gear drives, both in automotive vehicles and industrial applications, operating at severe and shock loads, and sliding velocities.
Prista® Ultragear Synthetic automotive gear oils are recommended for use in:
- On-highway light- and heavy-duty trucks, busses, vans, and cars
- Off-highway industries including: construction, quarrying, and agriculture
- Transmissions and axles and other applications where lubricants meeting API GL-4, GL-5 or MT-1 where mild extreme pressure gear lubricants are recommended


   •   Excellent protection for all gear drive components
   •   Exceptionally good low temperature performance down to minus 40°C 
   •   Dependable rust & corrosion protection
   •   Excellent oxidation stability and enhance resistance to breakdown from heat
   •   Very good seal compatibility preventing oil leakages 
   •   Excellent anti-wear, anti-scuffing and anti-seizure properties at a variety of speeds and loads
   •   Easy gear shifting as well under cold or hot conditions of use, providing optimal driving comfort
   •   Fuel economy potential