Prista UHPD 5W-30

Description and Application

Prista® UHPD 5W-30 is top quality synthetic diesel engine oil designated for the lubrication of heavy-duty diesel engines designed according to the latest international diesel exhaust emission standards Euro IV , Euro V and Euro VI and equipped with the relevant diesel particulate filters.
Prista® UHPD 5W-30 is recommended for use in the latest makes and models of turbocharged diesel engines, operated at severe loads and conditions in heavy-duty trucks and buses whose manufacturer recommend extended oil drain intervals. For the optimum oil drain interval the users should follow the applicable manufacturers' recommendations for the relevant performance levels below.


   •   the best choice for Euro IV , Euro V and Euro VI heavy duty diesel engines
   •   engine cleanliness at significantly extended oil drain intervals
   •   extremely minimized hazardous exhaust emissions
   •   protection against cylinder bore polishing and cylinder liner wear
   •   problem-free engine start-ups at very low ambient temperatures
   •   fuel economy