Prista PSF

Description and Application

Red dyed power steering fluid Prista® PSF is formulated with unconventional base oils, highly refined base stocks and specially designed additive package. 
Prista® PSF is intended for application in power steering units in today's passenger cars and light duty vehicles/trucks. This fluid ensures reliable performance in a wide ambient temperature range down to minus 40°C. It can also successfully be used in hydraulic systems of heavy duty vehicles such as trucks, buses, etc., agricultural machines and equipment and road construction vehicles and equipment. 
Prista® PSF is NOT recommended for Citroen hydraulic and power steering units.


   •   Hydraulic pump protection against wear
   •   Stable viscosity and low foaming tendency ensuring  constant pressure in the system
   •   No sludge and deposit formation over extended service intervals thanks to the superior thermal and oxidation stability 
   •   Very good low temperature performance ensuring normal operating characteristics even at sub zero temperatures
   •   Very good compatibility with rubber seal materials