Prista Eco Heat Fluid

Description and Application

Prista® Eco Heat Fluid is latest generation innovative heat-transfer fluid based on glycols.
This product ensures optimal thermal conductivity and frost and corrosion protection for solar and heating systems imposing very low risks on people and environment. This product is free from potentially harmful substances such as nitrites, amines and phosphates that make it environmentally friendly. 
Prista® Eco Heat Fluid is recommended for use as heat-transfer media in:
- Solar heating systems  
- Steam heating systems (boiler)
- Underfloor heating systems
- Geothermal heating systems
- Wet-pipe fire systems
Thanks to the vegetable and harmless components involved in its formulation the product is an appropriate substitute for ethylene and propylene glycol based fluids. Thus it can successfully be used in hospitals, hotels, public buildings, homes, country and holiday houses and industrial premises.


   •   Excellent low-temperature performance comparable to that of ethylene and propylene glycol based fluids. 
   •   The glycols involved in product formulation are less toxic than ethylene glycol based coolants
   •   Enhanced corrosion protection for circulating pumps, reservoirs and wet pipe fire systems and collector pipes and extended service life of the fluid 
   •   Excellent compatibility with elastomers and seal materials used in solar, heat-transfer, fire and cooling systems.
   •   Thanks to its high boiling point this fluid ensures excellent scaling resistance for the contact heating surfaces. 
   •   Its excellent low-temperature performance reduces costs for additional heating systems for water storage tanks of wet pipe fire systems at sub-zero temperatures. 
   •   Environmentally friendly thanks to its components from renewable resources.